Hello and welcome to the Aspire Design Ltd website. My name is Melvin Clarkson and I would like to give you a very warm welcome and please have a good look around. We provide quality electronic and product design expertise, so if you have any questions please send me an email. To contact me please use the response form across or alternatively you can contact me using sales@analogrfdesign.co.uk

Company Brochure as a PDF document.

We are a small electronic design company providing an experienced and specialist ANALOGUE and RF electronic design service. We have the skills to work from the very low level signal level upto controlling the very large power signals, from DC to GHz.

We Provide;

Engineering Support
Supporting large projects or legacy products requiring specialist electronic support. Some small projects may only require 20 hours design support.

Product Design
A complete product design service including the concept design, schematics, PCB layout, testing , CE compliance and production.

The skills do not stop at analogue and RF, we also become involved in many high performance digital designs including embedded software projects using C and C++, also PC software using Visual Basic and Visual C++.